Dischert Properties broke a written agreement and gave away my money!

gaveawaymoneyThis is an astonishing breach of fiduciary responsibility. Dischert Properties actually gave away $1275 of my money, without my permission, in the form of a non-refundable deposit to a tenant who applied to lease and at the last minute changed his mind!

Dischert asked my permission to refund the money and I told them, in writing, “no – we should stick to the agreement.”  But they gave it away anyway. Isn’t this theft?

Dischert claimed it was “too time consuming and expensive” for them to uphold the agreement and protect me, thus violating their fiduciary responsibility to me.

I did expensive additional work based on the assurance that the deposit was non-refundable, and took my house off the rental market based on this assurance.

Dischert Properties does not stand by their written agreements. This could happen to you too!

Dischert Properties left my home security system broken!

alarmWe all know how important home security is. You would think a property manager would understand this as well.

During work they were doing, my home security system lost connection with the monitoring company because my phone line wire got disconnected. The security company contacted me multiple times over this.

Despite numerous requests over weeks and weeks, Dischert Properties did absolutely nothing to take care of the broken phone line and disconnected security system – something my new property manager was able to get fixed in one day.

Do you want your house left without security by uncaring property managers? Consider what happened to me before using Dischert Properties.

Dischert Properties – basic fiduciary breaches you should worry about

basicfiduciaryAs mentioned in another entry, a friend and I also own a great 19th century four family in the Lafayette Square historic district of St. Louis. Unfortunately we had Dischert Properties manage this place as well.

Get this. Dischert told us that one tenant renewed their lease through 5/31/2011.

Come March the tenant tells us he’ll be gone at the end of the month. Say what?

It turns out that when he renewed the lease, he changed the end date to 3/31/2011. Dischert Properties approved this, without asking us – without even telling us!

This was an unbelievable breach of ethics and basic fiduciary responsibility. But Dischert Properties doesn’t care about things like contracts, agreements, promises and basic communications and responsibility.

So come March we were faced with a sudden and unexpected vacancy.

This could happen to you too with Dischert Properties.

Dischert Properties Fails at Lease Renewal Basics

leasebasicsIn addition to my personal house, a friend and I own a nice 19th century four family in the beautiful Lafayette Square historic district of St. Louis.

Dischert Properties failed us here as well. For example, we were waiting for months for a tenant to renew her lease and Dischert Properties kept on procrastinating taking care of it.

Do you really need headaches like that?

Sloppy work throughout

sloppyworkAt the minimum you would at least expect once they start on work that Dischert Properties would try to do it well.

What can I tell you? This list goes on and on… doors left unhung, dirty floors, dust all over the place, baseboards not painted as promised, not meeting repairmen to take care of fixing a leak and leaving the bill unpaid for collection, the list goes on and on.

Dischert Properties just doesn’t care. They are notoriously unresponsive, late, incomplete, sloppy and just plain irresponsible. Just try waiting for a a complete email response from them!

My new property manager fortunately took care of everything. But Dischert Properties left me – and would leave you as well – with nothing but headaches.

Dischert Properties took TWO MONTHS to start new tenant work!


If you are a home owner and a tenant leaves and you need to prepare for a new tenant,  a responsible property manager would start preparing for a new tenant as soon as possible.

After my tenant finished her lease and left in December 2010 it took Dischert Properties almost two months to even start the fix-ups needed to find a new tenant! Their wasted time cost a lot of rent.

Even their listing for my property kept on showing “photos coming soon” for months.

Uncaring, unresponsive, uncommunicative, late in taking care of things – these are not traits you want in a property manager or realtor. But those traits perfectly describe Dischert Properties.

Dischert Properties lost my personal property!

missingpropertyA DSL modem purchased in autumn from AT&T for $108.73 went missing while the house was under Dischert Property’s control for contractor work – yet they refuse to take care of the issue.

The house was under Dischert’s complete control, the DSL modem was there when the work started and missing afterwards. Plain and simple.

Yet they refuse to take any responsibility for the lost item. A legitimate bonded contractor would take responsibility. But Dischert Properties? No way. So be forewarned – it could happen to you too.