Dischert Properties – basic fiduciary breaches you should worry about

basicfiduciaryAs mentioned in another entry, a friend and I also own a great 19th century four family in the Lafayette Square historic district of St. Louis. Unfortunately we had Dischert Properties manage this place as well.

Get this. Dischert told us that one tenant renewed their lease through 5/31/2011.

Come March the tenant tells us he’ll be gone at the end of the month. Say what?

It turns out that when he renewed the lease, he changed the end date to 3/31/2011. Dischert Properties approved this, without asking us – without even telling us!

This was an unbelievable breach of ethics and basic fiduciary responsibility. But Dischert Properties doesn’t care about things like contracts, agreements, promises and basic communications and responsibility.

So come March we were faced with a sudden and unexpected vacancy.

This could happen to you too with Dischert Properties.